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The summer is now well and truly here and that can only mean one thing… Days on the Causeway Coast!

We’re lucky that we great to live, work and play in one of Northern Ireland’s most breathtaking locations but if you’re coming to visit you might not be sure what all is on offer.

We thought we’d pull together a perfect summer itinerary so you don’t have to… Enjoy!

Things to do on the Causeway Coast

See Golfing Greats at the Dubai Duty Free Irish Open

With The Open in 2019 just around the corner and this summer set to play host to the 2017 Irish Open, the north coast is in golfing heaven right now.

Join the fun this July (6th – 9th) at Portstewart Golf Club and watch a full roster of European Tour greats including the likes of Rory McIlroy (last years Champion), Lee Westwood, Martin Kaymer and Henrik Stenson all set to battle it out in the glorious surroundings of the Causeway Coastal Route.

Hear the Local Talent at Atlantic Midsummer Sessions 

Coinciding with the Irish Open is the Atlantic Midsummer Sessions, which will see over 20 local artists performing in shops, bars, restaurants and coffee shops throughout the north coast.

Best part about it? Apart from the incredible local talent, great craic and a chance to grab a pint of the black stuff?

Every performance is absolutely free! Click here for more details.

Dive In!

We all know the Causeway Coast looks lovely from land but what about from water?

Whether you’re jumping from cliffs and staring back at our glorious beaches or learning how to surf for the first time this should be the summer to get out there and give it a go!

Have a Classic Barry’s Day Out

Have you even had a north coast summer if you don’t visit Barry’s? We don’t think so!

Barry’s Amusement Park, home to the infamous Big Dipper, has been a north coast staple for almost 100 years and it’s fair to say that with ghost trains, bumper cars and swing chairs (amongst everything else) it remains a Causeway Coast classic!

Walk Glorious North Coast Beaches

Summer on the north coast of Northern Ireland

We are blessed with some of the best beaches in the UK here on the north coast!

From Whiterocks to the East Strand, Portstewart to Downhill, there are loads to choose from meaning it won’t be hard to plan road trips and family days out this summer.

Just don’t forget the picnic…

Go to the Red Sails Festival 2017

Join everyone at the Red Sails Festival (23rd – 29th July) for a week packed with music, dance, parades, local art exhibitions, boat trips, fireworks and more!

Now in its 17th year, in the current incarnation, the Red Sails Festival has become a firm part of the Causeway Coast calendar and this year promises to be just as good.

Discover the Real Westeros…

Winter is Coming…

Ok, thankfully winter isn’t coming but season seven of Game of Thrones is right around the corner!

Did you know that countless Northern Ireland locations have been used by HBO over the last six seasons? We’ve listed a few of the biggest and best here so you can get out and start touring.

See the Iconic Sites!

Mussenden Temple on the Causeway Coastal Route

When was the last time you visited The Giant’s Causeway, Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge or Mussenden Temple? We bet it’s been years!

Where else in the world can you hop, skip and jump all over a UNESCO World Heritage site, cross an old fisherman’s rope bridge from years gone by and wander around a library perched on a cliff?!

Make this the summer that you get out and see the iconic north coast sites again!

Try the Best Local Drinks 

We know that a pint of the black stuff is a classic but what about trying something different this summer?

We’ve got a range of premium of gins waiting to be tasted alongside some delicious local beers crafted in our very own Portrush by the award-winning Lacada Brewery!

We also recently interviewed Lacada Brewery’s head brewer which you can see here!


Finally, just relax…

There’s nothing wrong with simply taking a few days to relax, take it easy and soak it all in. Have a wander around Portrush town, take those extra long lie-ins that you deserve, in our range of premium rooms, or grab a coffee and a traybake and watch the world go by at Leona’s.


For more information about the Causeway Coastal Route or the north coast in general get in touch here!

We’ll be happy to point you in the right direction for that classic Causeway Coast summer experience.

See you soon!

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Every year the Causeway Coast calendar is packed to burst and we’re lucky enough to be right in the heart of it all!

We’ve drawn together a list of the biggest events along the coast and surrounding areas to make sure you don’t miss a beat!

Causeway Coast Events 2017

Walk the Glens Festival – 2nd – 4th June 2017

For more information on the Walk the Glens Festival click here.

Causeway Coast Ford Fair – 4th June 2017

For more information on the Ford Fair click here.

Causeway Coast Amateur Golf Tournament – 5th – 9th June 2017

For more information on the Causeway Coast Golf Tournament click here.

Salmon and Whiskey Festival – 17th – 18th June 2017

For more information on the Salmon and Whiskey Festival click here.

The Irish Open – 6th – 9th July 2017

For more information on the Dubai Duty Free Irish Open click here.

Atlantic Midsummer Sessions 2017 – 6th – 9th July 2017

For more information about Atlantic Sessions click here.

The SuperCup NI – 23rd – 28th July 2017

For more information on The SuperCup NI click here.

Portstewart Red Sails Festival – 23rd – 29th July 2017

For more information about the Red Sails Festival click here.

Armoy Road Races – 28th – 29th July 2017

For more information on the Armoy Road Races click here.

Heart of the Glens Festival – 5th – 13th August 2017

For more information on the Heart of the Glens Festival 2017 click here.

North West Pipe Band Competition – 18th – 19th August 2017

For more information on the North West Pipe Band Competition click here.

Causeway Coast Mini Club Weekend – 26th – 27th August 2017

For more information on the Mini Club weekend click here.

The Auld Lammas Fair – 28th – 29th August 2017

For more information on the Auld Lammas Fair click here.

Northern Ireland International Airshow Airwaves Portrush – 2nd – 3rd September 2017

For more information on Airwaves Portrush click here.

Giant’s Causeway Coast Sportive – 9th September 2017

For more information on the Giant’s Causeway Coast Sportive click here.

Portrush Beer Festival 2017 – Details to be announced

The Great Northern Links Challenge (Portrush) – 11th – 13th October 2017

For more information on The Great Northern Links Challenge click here.

Ghosts in the Glens Storytelling Festival – 19th – 22nd October 2017

For more information on the Ghosts in the Glens Festival click here.

World Surf Kayak Championships 2017 – 20th – 28th October 2017

For more information on the World Surf Kayak Championships click here.

For more information on any of the above, questions about the Causeway Coast or general queries about the Magherabuoy House Hotel get in touch here!

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Lacada Beers at Magherabuoy House Hotel in Portrush, Northern Ireland on the Causeway Coastal Route

You might have noticed over the last year or so that we now stock some local craft beers, courtesy of Lacada Brewery, here at the hotel.

We recently had a chat with one of Lacada’s directors, and more importantly their Head Brewer, Laurie Davies about all things craft beer and Causeway Coast!

When and why was Lacada Brewery formed? Laurie Davies, head brewer of Lacada Brewery

Lacada Brewery was initially formed in May 2014 but we didn’t go to market until October 2015. In hindsight everything arrived at the right time just as the craft beer scene here in Northern Ireland was about to take off but for us it was simply a group of people together who wanted to form a co-operative brewery.

We all had various forms of experience in co-ops, food and drink to draw upon and we started with a few beer tasting evenings to get the ball rolling!

How do you draw influence from the surrounding Causeway Coast?

The Causeway Coast, and surrounding local area, has been a focus and mainstay from the beginning. Everyone involved wanted something that celebrated the place we all love.

Unusually, we actually started by selling the co-operative idea to our co-owners before any beer was involved so this meant that we asked them for names right from the beginning!

We wanted to promote the idea of community with a north coast focus on the landscapes and seascapes around us but we also wanted to draw influence from lesser known stories and places. This was to add a “discovery” factor to our beers that would encourage people to go off and ask locals about the area.

A good example of this is our Giant’s Organ IPA which draws its name from the Giant’s Causeway…but not in the way most people would expect!

What is your favourite part of the Causeway Coast?

I’ve been living here for over 30 years now which just about qualifies me as a local…I think!

I love the sense of community, especially amongst the local food and drinks producers, as well as the incredible coast and views around us!

What’s your favourite Lacada beer?

It might seem strange but I honestly don’t have a personal favourite. As Head Brewer I’m always testing and tasting variations of the Lacada beers out there in the world, alongside new and upcoming beers, so it differs from time to time.

It’s an ongoing process so it’s hard to say but our limited edition Salamander Series beer, the Utopian Stout, stood out last year and was named best beer of 2016 by Northern Ireland beer blogger Quare Swally!

Why should someone pick a craft beer over bigger/traditional beers?

Three words – taste and aroma!

I might be biased but when you try a great beer, no matter what kind, by a microbrewery you get the full experience. Everything tastes and smells so much better and you’ll soon discover what real lagers, stouts and ales are supposed to taste like.

You could say beer is the new wine and there really is so much diversity out there!

What are Lacada’s plans for rest of 2017?

We’ve got new beers scheduled for every other month for the rest of 2017 so that should be fun and we also have new beers coming out of barrels planned for 2018.

When we looked back on 2016 we realised that we released up to 16 different beers last year when you consider special editions and one-off casks etc so it’ll be more of the same!

We also have plans to take part in the Portrush beer and food festival again in early October as well as some collaborations with other local food producers so stay tuned!

If that hasn’t whetted your appetite we don’t know what will!

You can pick up some Lacada beers here in our fully stocked bar after a long hard day seeing the Causeway Coast sights!

For more information contact us here.

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At Magherabuoy we might like the nicer things in life, including an ice cream and walk along the beach, a full Sunday Carvery with all the trimmings or an ice cold gin with elderflower tonic… but there’s a darker side to life here on the Causeway Coast.

Consider this a warning. We want you to be well aware that just around the corner, here surrounding our very own hotel, lies a world dominated by violence, back-stabbing and deceit.

Game of Thrones Filming Locations

Westeros can be a cruel and unforgiving place, but you already know that… So, if you’re feeling brave enough, get ready to discover the real Westeros.

Just be sure to keep your eyes open and ears to the ground as you travel the infamous road to King’s Landing and beyond.

The Dark Hedges

The Dark Hedges - A Famous Game of Thrones filming location in Northern Ireland

Despite appearing for just a few short seconds in episode one of season two, The Dark Hedges is arguably the most famous Game of Thrones Northern Ireland filming location.

Found just outside Armoy in County Antrim it’s easy to see why when you visit and wander below the famous intertwining branches of beech trees first planted by the Stuart family in the 18th century. This incredibly picturesque avenue instantly forces your imagination to run wild and it’s one of our favourite spots.

Cushendun Caves

Cushendun Caves - A famous Game of Thrones filming location in Northern Ireland

The Cushendun Caves, a favourite of locals for years and found just beyond the edge of the village a few short miles from us, were formed over millions of years but for Game of Thrones fans will forever be remembered as the birthplace of the infamous Shadow Baby.

Onlookers were horrified when, in season two, Melisandre gave birth to the Shadow Baby who would go on to kill Renly Baratheon in cold blood. Enter these caves at your own peril. You never know what you might find waiting and lurking in the darkness…

Ballintoy Harbour

Ballintoy Harbour - A famous Game of Thrones filming location in Northern Ireland

Ballintoy Harbour and Ballintoy Beach have featured on numerous occasions as the rugged, unforgiving Iron Island’s, home to Theon and Yara Greyjoy.

This tiny little harbour, and the accompanying nearby fishing village, can be found along the beautiful Causeway Coastal Route and is one of the highlights of any Game of Thrones tour.

Are you brave enough to enter the water and proclaim “What is dead may never die” in respect for the Drowned God?*

*We don’t recommend it for safety reasons!

Portstewart Strand

Portstewart Strand - Game of Thrones filming locations

Portstewart Strand has been called many things over the years. Beautiful, gorgeous and natural are the usual names but in the case of Jamie Lannister and Bronn dangerous might’ve been more appropriate.

The two sword wielders set off from Westeros, during season five, in search of Jamie’s daughter in Dorne but despite their best efforts they were greeted by some heavily armed Dornish guards…

Bring your sword if you plan to explore these foreign lands.

Downhill Beach

Downhill Beach - A Game of Thrones filming location in Northern Ireland

One of the most famous Game of Thrones scenes took place on Downhill Beach. Here, in the shadow of Mussenden Temple, viewers watched the midnight burning of the Seven Idols of Westeros at the hands of Melisandre as she swept around the small crowd chanting “For the night is dark and full of terrors”.

Murlough Bay

Murlough Bay - A Game of Thrones filming location in Northern Ireland

Be very cautious when exploring Murlough Bay. This incredibly scenic spot is better known as Slaver’s Bay in the Game of Thrones world and it was here that Tyrion Lannister and Ser Jorah were captured and set on a new path together.

There are other filming locations dotted around Northern Ireland but if you grow tired and weary of exploring paths once traversed by Starks and Lannisters we’ve got everything needed to help you relax and unwind here on the incredible Causeway Coastal Route.

Let us help you forget the horrors of Westeros with local beers, bespoke gins, tasty treats and afternoon teas.

After that you’ll be ready to take on the world once more, whether Winter is Coming or not…

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As with the North West 200 every year, the Rathlin Sound Maritime Festival has become a sign that summer is just around the corner here on the Causeway Coast, which makes us like it even more than we already do!

Now in it’s 6th year the Rathlin Sound Maritime Festival has grown from strength to strength and represents a wonderful celebration of our neighbours Ballycastle and Rathlin Island’s maritime history and heritage together.

Rathlin Sound Maritime Festival 2017

The festival is named after the body of water, the “Rathlin Sound”, found between the mainland and island and combines a packed itinerary of events with delicious local foods and beautiful crafts, courtesy of the visiting Naturally North Coast and Glens Market, a Sailing Regatta, various other races and a visit from JetMan!

When you’re visiting you’ll also be able to enjoy live cookery theatres featuring top local chefs, the Ulster Chowder Championship and you might even catch a glimpse of visiting Viking Ships!

All of this is set amidst stunning scenery, with the iconic Fairhead never far away, diverse attractions and an area bursting with local culture and heritage.

If that’s whetted your appetite then be aware that the Rathlin Sound Maritime Festival 2017 will take place between 26th May and 4th of June.

If you’d like to enjoy even more of the incredible Causeway Coastal route then pop on over! We’re just down the road in the lovely coastal town of Portrush.

We have everything here for the perfect stay from beautiful classic rooms to traditional Northern Irish breakfasts and local beers to premium gins and whiskies. All just a short walk from the beach on Northern Ireland’s stunning north coast. Get in touch for more info!

See you soon!

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In a golfer’s mind the turn of the New Year can mean only one thing, freshly cut fairways and testing greens are just around the corner!

As winter turns to spring every golf fan simultaneously thinks of when/where they can play and what they can watch and 2017 is set to be a treat for fans of Northern Irish links golf.

This year the incredible Causeway Coast welcomes the Irish Open to her shores as the tournament returns to Northern Ireland for the third time in six years.


A Links Paradise

It’ll come as no surprise to locals and fans of our courses.

Northern Ireland, and the north coast in particular, boasts some of the best links golf found anywhere in the world. This was reinforced in 2015 when it was confirmed that The Open would return to Royal Portrush for the first time in almost seventy years! A stamp of authority if there ever was one.

Set amongst the 120 miles of glorious Causeway Coastal Route you’ll find incredible, testing courses on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean boasting breathtaking views and a golfer’s challenge that has to be attempted at least once in your life.

If sounds like the perfect setting and you’re tempted then 2017 could be the perfect year as the Causeway Coast Amateur Golf Tournament, Europe’s longest running amateur golf competition, celebrates its 50th anniversary this year from 5th – 9th June 2017.

From Royal Portrush to Portstewart Golf Club, Castlerock, Bushfoot and Ballycastle there is enough variety to ensure a trip around the north coast with your clubs won’t be in vain.

The Irish Open 2017

Playing will always be the biggest thrill (when things are going well at least…) but it’s hard to beat watching the worlds best compete with each other and the natural forces of our north coast.

Luckily we can do both this year as Portstewart Golf Club sets itself to welcome the Dubai Duty Free Irish Open 2017 from 6th – 9th July. Over the course of the week we’ll be able to watch some of golfs biggest stars, including 2016 winner Rory McIlroy, battle it out on a course we can then enjoy all year round.

Half the fun is watching what a European Tour winner does on a hole we play every week and, to add to the fun, the Irish Open comes at a great time for British golf fans as it’s then followed by the Scottish Open and finally the main event, The Open.

With that in mind it won’t be long until we welcome The Open to these shores again in 2019…


The 19th Hole

Whether you’re following the stars or simply enjoying a quick round of 9 over 2017 be sure to call in at the Magherabuoy Hotel. Our 19th Hole is fully stocked with tasty local beers, brewed right here in Portrush, from Lacada Brewery, boutique gins and all the usual classics as well as fresh local food prepared each day.

Here’s to a great year of golf!

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With the January blues slowly disappearing that can only mean one thing; Valentines Day is just around the corner!

If you’re like the rest of us, the most romantic day of the year can creep up before we’ve even had a chance to catch our breath in the New Year. This usually leads to some unfortunate presents and, if we’re not careful, the odd fight and night on the sofa…

With that in mind we thought we’d steer you well away from some of the worst suggestions we’ve ever heard for Valentines Day 2017!

Gym Membership


It’s safe to say that New Year resolutions are pretty hard to stick to. If, over the first six weeks of the year, you’ve noticed your partner slip with their “New Year New Me” promises we highly recommend you don’t choose Valentines Day as the moment to remind them!

Gym memberships are great but almost never as presents. Stick to something less critical…


Scratch Cards

If you’ve had a busy start to the year Valentines Day might not be top of your to-do list but avoid those last minute panic purchases at all costs. Especially if you look down to see your hands stuffing a scratch card into a hastily written card!

Many of us enjoy a little flutter on the races, football or lottery but £5 and £10 scratch cards have no place in a fun Valentines Day. Trust us!

Haribo Ring


If you’ve chosen Valentines Day as the day to pop the big question good for you!

We couldn’t be more excited but let’s leave the “funny” jokes for a less serious, life-defining moment, eh? Haribo gummy rings are brilliant when you’ve got a sweet tooth. Less so when your partner is expecting something big, sparkly and expensive.


Housework Products

Chances are you don’t like housework. Who really wants to wash the dishes or do the ironing when there are Netflix series to be binged and beautiful walks around our country to be had?

It’s also highly likely that your partner feels exactly the same way so presenting them with some Mr Muscle or new tea towels is unlikely to create the right kind of sparks…

Supermarket Brand Beer

Sometimes there’s nothing better than sharing a drink with your partner. Sitting back, relaxing and toasting another great year together can be the perfect end to a great Valentines Day.

Less so if all you’ve splurged out on is 12p cans of supermarket lager. Blow the cobwebs off that wallet or purse!

Still Struggling?

Hopefully these words of friendly warning will guide you in the right direction but, if you’re still searching for inspiration, why not treat your loved one to a night on the beautiful north coast of Northern Ireland?

When we fall down nature takes over and there’s nothing more breathtaking than the Causeway Coast in all her natural glory. Add to that the possibility of a romantic stroll on the beach, our fully stocked boutique gin bar and fresh, tasty local food and you’ve got a winner!

For more information on our bespoke Valentines Day 2017 offers just click here.

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With all the viewings, menus and deposits, picking a wedding venue can seem like a bit of a chore but if you break it down into a few key points, you should find something perfect for your special day.

However, in the rush of excitement of planning, small details can be overlooked or forgotten so if you’ve recently got engaged or are entering the new year with plans to pick your venue, keep in mind some of the points below.



Choosing the right location is essential to a successful wedding minus any drama but what does the right location mean to you?

Many couples have to consider the travel time for family and friends alongside the want to celebrate in a beautiful location. You might also want to consider where the venue is in relation to when you want to get married as cities could be particularly busy during peak holiday seasons. Likewise, rural venues might be harder to get to during the winter months.


It might seem like a no-brainer but many wedding venues simply only cater to small or large groups so keep that in mind if you’re somewhere in-between. You might find the perfect spot only to realise they focus on huge weddings and overcharge for your more intimate gathering.


Barring live entertainment later in the evening, your Wedding meal will be the main focus of the reception so you’ll want it to be enjoyable and suitable for everyone.

This will usually mean you’ll need to consider vegetarian and gluten-free options, alongside any other guest dietary requirements, as well as menus for any children attending.

Another consideration will be what alcohol is included in wedding menu packages which brings us on to our next point…

Bar Facilities

Both you and your guests may or may not want to drink alcohol on the big day but either way it’s useful to confirm if your proposed wedding venue is a licensed premises.

After that you might want to consider the drinks on offer. Does your venue have a good selection of wine for guests? Does it have a special gin bar or maybe even a whiskey room for anyone wanting a special extra on the day?


This might seem like paranoia but depending on the type of venue you’re viewing, it’s worth double-checking that standard equipment like chairs, tables and a PA system for entertainment is all included in the cost. The worst thing you could do is make an assumption only to realise the worst when you arrive.

Similarly, if babies or young children are attending you might need highchairs and guests using wheelchairs or mobility scooters might need more room, accessible toilets and accessible ramps.


The final point of concern, and the biggest, will be the costs involved in hiring the venue for the day. You’ll probably decide on an initial budget and will be aware of this throughout but the trick when choosing a wedding venue is to define exactly what you’re getting for your money.

At Magherabuoy House Hotel we offer 25 years experience hosting beautiful weddings in our converted 19th century Gentleman’s residence here on the incredible north coast of Northern Ireland.

Our packages are perfect for weddings from 10 to 300 guests so whether you’re having an intimate celebration or a massive party you’ll be able to enjoy all of our amenities. This includes great food, excellent bar facilities (including a boutique gin bar and whiskey collection), free WiFi for your guests, a spacious car park and 55 bedrooms.

If you have any queries don’t hesitate to contact us via clicking here.

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There’s something special about a road trip and luckily, here in Northern Ireland, we have one of the best around. The Causeway Coastal Route is like a touring playground with 120 miles of twists and turns waiting for you. Add to that the sleepy villages, panoramic views and breathtaking natural formations and you’ll start to realize just how good we’ve got it here on the north coast.

Journey Along the Edge


Imagine driving along the edge of the country with the entirety of the island of Ireland on one side and nothing but crashing waves and sea on the other. The Causeway Coastal Route places you right on the coast with nothing but uninterrupted views and fresh sea air for company.


Northern Ireland is a small country and the north coast is just one tiny part. Some might see that as a negative but we see it as the opposite because there’s something great to see around every corner.

Starting in Belfast you can journey towards The Gobbins, just outside Larne. This latest addition to the route literally lets you scale cliff faces and walk along just feet above the sea. After that make your way towards the heart of the Glens of Antrim – Carnlough, Waterfoot, Cushendun and Cushendall. Each little village has its own character, history and stories to tell. It’s up to you to find out!

Beautiful beaches including White Park Bay, Ballintoy (with the nearby Ballintoy Harbour recently used as a Game of Thrones filming location) and White Rocks wait further up the road. After that you’ll see the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, The Giant’s Causeway, the jewel in the Coastal Route crown, and Dunluce Castle.

As you begin to make your way towards Limavady and Derry/Londonderry you’ll see one of Northern Ireland’s most iconic sites, Mussenden Temple. Who would’ve thought a former library could be so dramatic?


We don’t just spend our days looking; we get stuck in and get our hands dirty. There’s nowhere better than the Causeway Coastal Route when it comes to “doing”!

There’s the International North West 200, held annually right on the coast, award winning golf courses including Royal Portrush, soon to be home to The Open in 2019, and incredible dining options around every corner.

Stop in to Kiwi’s Brew Bar in Portrush for some of the best local Northern Irish craft beers around. Eat at Upstairs at Joes’ in Cushendall in the shadow of the nearby Lurig Mountain.

The list is endless but it all starts with a set of keys, four wheels and good company!


There’s no better way to experience the Causeway Coastal Route and the north coast of Northern Ireland than by actually doing it and if you’re staying, we’ve got the perfect room ready for you.

Contact us here for more information or call 028 7082 3507

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Getting Married?

Visit our Wedding Fair, 15th January 2017

From the excitement of your engagement, to the detail of planning everything just the way you want it, through the huge sense of anticipation and the ‘big day’ itself, weddings are the most magical of times.
However, like a good marriage, a good wedding takes effort. Choosing where to have your reception is probably the biggest decision you’ll have to make when planning your wedding. You will need to think about the style of the event you want to create, as well as practical issues such as budget, scale, location and overnight accommodation guests.

Once you have selected your venue, you will have to think about the wedding ceremony, the dress, flowers, cake, entertainment, suit hire, photographer, video, cars, room decoration…

If this sounds daunting – don’t worry, help is at hand. Magherabuoy House Hotel, on the outskirts of Portrush, has been a wedding venue for thirty years and hosts its’ annual Wedding Fair this Sunday, 15th January 2017 from 2-5pm.
Visitors to the Fair will be able to see the Magherabuoy’s wonderful wedding set-up, and talk to expert Hotel staff as well as a wide variety of other wedding service providers. This wealth of experience gained in hosting and helping to arrange thousands of weddings can’t be bought. Our bridal Fashion Show at 3pm will showcase some of the future trends in wedding wear.

At Magherabuoy, we can help you devise a dinner menu to suit your own taste. Of increasing popularity is the Hotel’s superb carvery should you want something a bit less formal with greater choice. We can offer our Brides and Grooms a selection of function rooms, suited to catering for weddings from 10 to 300 guests. From the period elegance and intimacy of the Sir Dawson Bates room, to the unobtrusive décor of the Lanyon Room, right up to the stylish surroundings of the Causeway Suite, there is almost certainly a room that will suit your personal needs. And as each wedding is a unique occasion, we only ever host one wedding a day.

Full details of the Magherabuoy’s wedding menus can be downloaded from www.magherabuoy.co.uk, or call 028 7082 3507 to talk to a member of our management team.